Fresh news coming through indicate that celebrated local singer Joseph Mayanaja popularly known as Jose Chameleon has bought himself a powerful four wheel drive  t help him out in the upcoming elections.

It is no longer a secret that Chameleon wants to topple the current sitting Mayor of Kampala after declaring his intentions to stand for the City’s top most job at the beginning of the year.

Perhaps as away of showing his seriousness and unwithering will to move through the corners of Kampala, the singing doctor has bought himself a powerful land rover to help his campaign team  move swiftly thorough all the slums of the city.

Confirming to this website the details of Chameleon’s new ride, a source revealed that the Leon island chief wants to make life very easy for those campaigning for him


”Yes it’s true he has bought the Land rover. It will basically help out the campaigning team when traversing the city while looking for votes”