Celebrated local singer Dr Jose Chameleon yesterday night took to social media and penned down a short emotional letter publicly wishing his beloved son Abba Marcus Mayanja a happy 15th birthday.

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Chameleon who is millions of miles away from his wife and kids wasted no time in describing the three main attributes that he thinks make his son a stand out individual  from the rest of his peers.

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The up and coming politician was also intelligent ENOUGH to let Marcus know how he misses celebrating the birthday with him in the land of opportunities (USA)

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”HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBA MARCUS MAYANJA.We come along way, And we still heading further as written by God. I am a great witness of your Kindness, Endurance and persistence. You are greatly blessed with versatility that has brought you this far! You have inspired many me as well. You are so hardworking and that’s key to success.May your 15th birthday be full of happiness and please keep going.I have missed having this day with you. It’s painful but less I can do. God is in control – See you soon my son.HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCUS.Yours Papa and all my friends” Chameleon posted on Facebook