Last week it was confirmed that singer Geosteady is no longer in a relationship with baby mama, Prima Kardashi.

Prima and Geosteady broke up
Prima and Geosteady broke up

This was after Prima took it to her Facebook page and publicly announced the ‘nasty’ break up.

She accused the ‘Owooma’ star of breaking into her ‘Kazigo’ and destroying her property worth millions of cash!

“Geosteady u told me u wanted peace of mind
I shifted n gave u peace
U came to my house
Broke the door n spoilt every thing
What have i done to deserve this????????
Why are you so bitter?
I have been good, taken care of my children n focused.
I have stayed out of media despite anything
Y ????
Nakukolaki mazima dala??
Y me??”, Prima posted.

Geosteady also hit back by accusing her of beating him like a kid on a daily basis.

“Will men ever be victims of domestic violence oba??, Are we even entitled to the same rights as women??And you who will judge and abuse do you even know what behind the scenes carry, THINK ABOUT IT” – Geosteady posted.

Mr. Henrie is apparently eating Prima
Mr. Henrie is apparently eating Prima

Now it emerges that Prima has already moved on and her honeypot is apparently being banged by Galaxy FM’s ‘Useful’ Muzzinyi, Mr. Henrie of Mid-morning Tukoone.

Henrie and Prima are already an item and cannot hide their romance. The mother of one has shared a pic with the self-styled King Of the Voice on her Insta with a fishy cation, attracting a huge debate amongest her followers.

We have reached out to Mr. Henrie for a comment but he declined.

We shall keep you posted!