Businesswoman Ndagire Prima a.k.a Prima Kardashi is not willing to a reunite with her ex-lover and father of her kids Geosteady, real name George William Kigozi after break up.

The two lovers who share two beautiful kids called it quits last year in September. Before then Prima and Geosteady had been having a stop-start relationship for some good time . 

Prima Kardashi

After what Prima Kardashi calls total disrespect for on her baby Daddy and ‘Owooma’ star, the couple broke up and the light skinned Kardashi had to live in peace in her rented Kazigo. Prima revealed the real reason why she left the singer, saying he crossed his line and could not be forgiven.

“To be clear, respect always has to come first in anything. The reason i part ways with Geosteady was just because of respect related issues. If he couldn’t respect boundaries plus knowing what he was supposed to do and not to do, then I was left with only one option. dumping him was the best move,” Prima said.

She revealed that there can’t be any chance of the two sharing a roof ever again, let alone a bedsheet, saying he over messed up. She however revealed she is open to co-parenting with him for the sake of their child.

Prima says she will never sleep with Geosteady again

“For now, I can’t stay with Geosteady under the same roof but we can be good partners and friends as we raise our children together. This time around we separated because he over messed up. It is him who usually messes up and not me. And when you hear that a man messes up, just know that he has done a lot.” added the bitter Kardashi.

She is now bonking, Muzzinyi Mr. Henrie