Geosteady comments on how he feels about his exs Prima and Henrie’s flashy Dubai Baecation

Why is that when you break up with a babe, she starts looking more hotter? One of my friends asked me sometime back and guess what? I had no livid explanation either.

Singer Geosteady might be in the same situation with that pal of mine but he will perhaps not just allow to show it…rather keeping it to himself is better at least for now.

Last year has Corona was biting hard and forcing many countries into lock down and Curfew, Geosteady bitterly broke up with Prima Kardashi. The pair had weathered the storms together for about 6 years, bonking tubeless and of course their midnight activities enabled them to have 2 beautiful kids.

Prima and Geosteady have two kids together
Prima and Geosteady have two kids together

Prima quickly moved and replaced Geosteady with budding Media Personality and serial dance-hole maestro Mr. Henrie. At that time, Mr Henrie was single but bonking but when he fell in Prima’s trap, he never survived. The pair started painting the dusty streets of Kampala Red as they tight-marked each other.

Prima moved with Henrie

On Sunday, they flew out to Dubai on a short Baecation and further to secure their bonking future. Like Rema and Hamza, the couple has also shared countless exclusive pics and video on social media just to update their fans. In one one of the clip Henrie shared on Instagram, he can be seen swapping saliva with Prima as they cool of in Persian Gulf fresh waters.

As you may know, Social Media in-laws are full of drama, one them had to poke Geosteady on how he feels about his exs Prima and Henrie’s baecation and guess what? The Energy hit singer responded;

“Ex ne Rasta we bebamanyi wamma bantu bakulu”, he said literally meaning that it is up Prima and Henrie to do whatever they want since they are mature enough.

Screenshot of Geosteady's comment
Screenshot of Geosteady’s comment