TV star Zahara Totto might be regretting why she tickled socialite Charles Olim aka Sipapa over his habit of bonking numerous babes.

Totto embarrassed by Sipapa

This is after Sipapa embarrassed her live on set yesterday by reminding her that she was beaten and dumped by her Nigerian ex-boyfriend Don Solomon.

This came after Owek. Peter Mayiga’s interview when he sent a message to youths and artists saying they should protect themselves against HIV.

Sipapa mocks Totto

The UnCut queen Totto later forwarded the message to a number of artists including Manager Roja, Slick Stuart and Sipapa. Totto claimed the artists are always sleeping around with random women which puts them at a higher risk of getting HIV.

Sipapa fired back saying the presenter needs the message too since she has been going rounds with different men too. He went ahead to mention some of the guys Totto has been with including the recent one Don Solomon.

“Waliwo kino ki guy, the Nigerian eyakugoba……” – Sipapa said to Totto.

Zahara Totto

Totto responded saying they never dumped her. Out of embarrassment, she asked Sipapa to stop but unfortunately, he couldn’t.

She later tried silencing Sipapa by bringing up the incident of him beating ex lover Serena Bata saying his mentioning of Don Solomon reminds her of his beatings too.