Celebrated Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz got emotional yesterday during an interview and revealed how he regrets ever leaving and hurting ex-wife and baby mama Zari Hassan.

Diamond and Zari

Diamond revealed that of all the women he has dated more importantly the ones he has children with, Zar is of another kind. He praised ”the boss lady” saying he regrets leaving is her because she has done alot for him and children.

“I can say today for the first time that, for all the women I have ever had in relationships, especially those who gave me babies I always regret one of them who is Zari” – Diamond emotionally explained.

Diamond says Zari has contributed alot to him for example in his music career hence the man he is now.

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“In fact, Zari Hassan contributed to my music career and life in general” – Singer revealed.

Zari and Diamond are now in Tanzania together with their two kids after two years without seeing each other and they have been spotted sharing happy moments.

Even though the pictures circulating on social media insinuate the two could be back together, the South Africa bases socialite refutes the claims saying she is only in Tanzania because of her kids, not her ex b0nkmate.