This month has been one of craziest socialite Zari Hassan has had in recent times. Zari has never been happy like she is currently!

The stunning mother of five finally accepted to meet up with baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz after three years since break up. She has now spent over 4 days eating life and making merry at Diamond’s swanky home in Dar es Salam. She might have swore never to rear the singer’s domestic reptile but from the look of things, she might give in!


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Well we shall not fuss much but the Boy From Tandale ain’t food owing to his insatiable love for hunting down the bearded meat.

A clip of Zari, unleashing impressive Dance moves has found it’s way on social media, suggesting that she is really having quality time. In the clip, she is joined by Diamond’s elder bro to dance to WizKid’s banger, Joro.

Checkout the clip;