A few days ago, Zari Hassan and her kids flew from South Africa to visit their father Diamond Platnumz in Tanzania.

They announced their visit through photos that were shared on the kids’ Instagram pages where they were aboard a Kenya Airways flight.

Diamond Platnumz's crib
Diamond Platnumz’s crib

In one of the photos shared on Nillan’s Instagram page, indicated clearly that he was headed home.

“Home Coming”

read the caption. On the other hand, Tiffah’s caption also said

“Time to meet the family”.

Diamond, Zari and the kids touring the crib
Diamond, Zari and the kids touring the crib

Tiffah and Nillan had not seen their father face to face for close to 2 and a half years

since the day Zari broke up with Platnumz on 14th Feb 2018.


Upon touch down, they all received by Diamond Platnumz who took them straight to his home, the State House.

Chibu then gave his kids, and their mother an extensive tour of his mega mansion, showing them every detail of his house right from the living room, gaming area and to every other available room in the house.

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