South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has been the talk of the town since she set foot in Tanzania with her two children.
Before leaving the Swahili land, the single mother of five who had come to visit her baby daddy ensured that the media was kept up to date with news about her life.
In an interview with Wasafi TV, Zari opened up on marriage and her future with her baby daddy, Diamond Platinumz.
According to the socialite, she and the singer are just co-parenting and wishes him the best with any woman he decides to settle down with.
“If he finds someone who is gonna settle him down, someone who is going to grow him, for I see he is doing well even in music and as a father, I think everyone is gonna be happy,” said Zari.
Asked if she will be getting married anytime soon, the 40-year-old mother of five said she is done with that chapter.
According to the single mom, all she wants is to be happy and a life partner to enjoy life with.
“Honestly speaking right now no. I am at a point where I feel very independent, I can do anything I want. Most of the times when people get married, they do so for security and for some they just need someone to grow old with. For me at this point, marriage is not on my mind. I just need a life partner,” said Zari.
As was earlier reported by this Website, Diamond Platnumz’s kids are finding it hard to cope with life away from papa yet again. A day after jetting back to South Africa, Latifah Dangote, the singer’s first child balled her eyes out as she waited for her dad to call. She refused to go to sleep in the dead of the night and sat on her mother’s bed as she waited to see her papa’s face. Tiffah begged her mum to hit up her father and skeptically said she knew the bongo star would not contact her.

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