Tweny Tweny has been a year for NBS TV presenter, Zahara Totto to prove nomadic skills. Totto literally hooks up with any man she wishes to bonk.

From Don Solomon, Reuben Robert, to Don Bahati, and now to Manager Roja Lubega within a very short time, Totto has been named a prostitute by Netizens.

The Lugambo Machinery is at it again as she is seen in pictures and videos getting cozy with Spice Diana’s special person Manager Roja.

In the clip Roger sweeps Totto off her feet like an angry lion before viciously planting his lips meets hers as Spice Diana cheers on.

This year Zahara has appeared in news many times because of changing men and having a nasty breakup. It all started with her nasty break up with Nigerian ex-boyfriend Don Solomon who embarrassed her.

Zahara shocked many after she immediately switched and started dating her on and off boyfriend and University of pain gym CEO Robert Reuben. However, within no time she was seen in a video swapping saliva with Don Bahati whom she later announced to be dating, just after days she went back to Robert Reuben, and now she is again swapping saliva with Roja.

uuuh….!! Zahara proves she enjoys libido than any other mama in Kampala.