Rema’s ‘Good’ Legs Finally Surface!

Celebrated local singer Rema Namakula could have finally answered critics who go on peddling the narrative that she is not confident enough to show off her legs in public if at all we are to go by her latest Facebook post.

Rema’s ‘Good’ Legs Finally Surface

It should be noted that for a long time now, a big number of Facebook mongers have been wondering why the beautiful musician has an unexplained  knack for long and decent clothes despite the fact that she is in the business of showing off flesh and booty.

A number of conspiracy theories have also attributed Rema’s detest for short dresses to religion and a good upbringing. And as such alot of Facebook fans have  never had the opportunity to see Rema’s legs or toes in their physical shape.

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Rema Namakula rarely shows off her legs

However in a move to silence all those who think she is scared of showing off her legs, we took time to go through Rema‘s archives to find out if there is any video that shows off her full legs.

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Rema shows off her legs in ‘Oliwange’ video

As fate would have it, we have today landed on the ‘Oliwange’ video, a beautiful piece that shows Rema glittering in a short dress and in turn parading off her lovely legs

Watch Video;