Security investigating when and how Bobi Wine’s Car entered Uganda borders….

As Bobi Wine fans are still rejoicing about the brand new car he shipped in recently, security wants to know how it entered UG borders, according to latest info.

Fans gifted Bobi Wine a bullet proof car

Pop-star cum NUP darling, Bobi Wine acquired a bullet proof Toyota Land cruiser courtesy of his ardent fans and supporters both in the country and abroad.

“A few weeks ago, these comrades surprised me when they informed me that they had succeeded in raising enough money for the vehicle, and here it is. I can’t thank you enough,” he posted on his social media pages on Sunday morning.

Now security agencies have taken interest in the matter, according to Nile Post. Apparently Security agencies are in need of knowing the circumstances under which Bobi Wine’s car was procured, transported and cleared by tax authorities.

The investigation will include squeezing the customs officers balls for answers and then, the clearing and forwarding firm that handled the car.

Bobi’s car already on the road

Security Agencies understands that it is not illegal for a citizen to own a bullet proof ride but such big toys must be specially cleared by them to hit the streets. “There are many business people who won armored cars but they have to first be cleared by security,” a security source confirms.

Meanwhile sources within the NUP camp tips us that Bobi Wine’s car might have been imported through a proxy as normal one and the pimped and armored by Kiseka market experts in a local garage. Either way, the big toy is already on the road and NUP fans cannot just get enough of it. Yesterday he turned heads as he made a grand entrance at the party offices in Kamwokya cruising the big toy.

We shall keep you posted!