Dianah Nabatanzi gives up on Lwasa’s Waya…

One of the biggest challenges beautiful babes face is getting dumped by a loaded guy.

It becomes more worse when the loaded guy immediately replaces her with a stunning new bird and even stops bankrolling her. Naturally women never want to lose any Waya wars.

Nabatanzi Gives Up on Lwasa
Nabatanzi Gives Up on Lwasa

They can sour-grape but when deep inside they are hurting. This could be a situation the multi-talented TV personality Dianah Nabatanzi is in.

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Dianah’s man, Emmanuel Lwasa got introduced by his Angel in Luweero over the weekend in a pompous ceremony. Like a certified bonk champ with deep pockets, Lwasa gifted his sweet Angel a brand new sleek ride just to appreciate her bedroom skills.

Lwasa gifted Angel a brand new ride
Lwasa gifted Angel a brand new ride

The Kwanjula ceremony attracted guests from all walks of life as the Loaded Masaka business mogul made Angel proud in the eyes of her parents. With all that Dianah had to officially give up on Lwasa’s boneless muscle or expect the worst.

Sources close to her tip us that the BBS TV presenter has had one of the longest months, wrapped up with a teary weekend.

“…she is hurting despite the fact that she cannot publicly admit it. February has been one the worst month for Dianah and honestly i feel pity for her bambi because she and Lwasa have been good”, her close pal narrated to us.

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Dianah hurting because of Lwasa
Dianah hurting because of Lwasa

Dianah Nabatanzi has spent the whole of February off the screens. She was attacked by a strange vocal disease which greatly affected her soft voice. Rumor had it that all was a result of a Waya War between her and countless babes who still wanted a piece of Lwasa’s dime and Waya. 

Now Angel is the new snack having successfully and convincingly taken over all Lwasa’s bedroom affairs.

Well, congratulations to the new sensational couple, Lwasa and Angel!!