NUP strongman Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has dragged the Uganda Revenue Authority-URA to the High Court in Kampala demanding 150 million shillings in compensation over his pompous armored ride.

This comes after the URA on Feb 26th issued him an order , recalling his 500million shilling UBJ-667F (Toyota Land Cruiser V8) ride for a verification exercise.

Abel Kagumire the Commissioner for Customs Abel Kagumire wrote a letter demanding that Kyagulanyi surrenders the said motor vehicle after reports that the politician didn’t declare that the vehicle was armored during the assessment exercise.

“The above-mentioned motor vehicle was declared to customs as an ordinary motor vehicle, instead of an armored motor vehicle, the implication of which is that the vehicle was under-valued at 157,925,502/=” reads  Kagumire’s letter.

Now Bobi Wine through his lawyers Anthony Wameli says that his properties, including vehicles, have been unlawfully impounded or retained by the government.

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He says that by the said actions of URA, his right to property is being infringed upon.

He says in January 2021, he got the ride to help him with transport and protect his life as all his other vehicles have either been damaged, destroyed, or made unroadworthy by the government security agencies.

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Bobi alleges that the said vehicle has been in the hands of the URA Customs warehouse examined and assessed before it was registered and released to him.

He has therefore run to court seeking a declaration that URA does not have any powers to arbitrarily call for, threaten to pound his car for re-examination in as far as the East African Community Customs Management Act is concerned.

He also wants the court to issue a permanent ban limiting URA and her agents from enforcing their decision.