Fauz Khalid says he brought the car and cleared all the necessary documents but he yet to receive full payment for the car from Bobi Wine

Y’all know that  Bobi Wine’s Armored car, a Toyota Land-cruiser V8 could be impounded by Ugandan Revenue Authority any time they find on the road.

URA wants re-assess Bobi's Car
URA wants re-assess Bobi’s Car

URA tasked Bobi Wine to take back the black machine for re-assessment, which he declined and instead told them to go to court. This happened just days after he flaunted the Big Black toy on social media.

At the centre of the probe is the Mombasa businessman who sold the car to Bobi Wine. Fauz Khalid, a renowned businessman in Mvita constituency, was on the spot after reports came to light that he sold the car to NUP darling.

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Fauz Khalid admitted that he drove to Uganda to deliver the the Big Black Toy as agreed in November 2020. However, Khalid detailed that he did not anticipate the controversy that came out of his business deal with his Ugandan client.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), a Kenyan website shows that Khalid was the registered owner of the luxurious car. The vehicle’s ownership has since changed to Bobi Wine.

Khalid confirmed that he and Bobi Wine have been long-time friends dating back to when Khalid was in school in Uganda in both secondary and tertiary education.

Fauz Khalid
Fauz Khalid

He revealed that he is yet to receive full payment for the car.

“Yes i drove the car to Uganda myself for clearing though i didn’t anticipate all this drama. I have not yet received all the payment for the car since it is paid in installment…” He said in an interview with Kenyan website, Nairobi post before adding,

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“….Bobi Wine is my long time pal. We knew each other from way back when i was in Uganda for studies”

Wine had initially taken to social media to thank his local and foreign supporters for the brand new bulletproof car.

“There’s another group of comrades who kick-started a fundraising campaign for a bulletproof vehicle. These comrades informed me of their plan but I thought it was an uphill task given how expensive it is.

“A few weeks ago, these comrades surprised me when they informed me that they had succeeded in raising enough money for the vehicle and here it is. I can’t thank you enough,” Wine wrote on his social media pages.

Khalid say he is yet to receive full payment for the car
Khalid say he is yet to receive full payment for the car

The Big Black toy drew the attention of Ugandan Authorities and the Ugandan Revenue Authorities who, upon further inspection, indicated that the vehicle was erroneously cleared.

They sought to find out how the politician duped the state and erroneously undervalued the cost of the car.

Details Emerge On Fauz Khalid

Born in Munz, Mvita Sub-County, Khalid has been in the logistics business for over 20 years.

In 2017, Khalid and other activists were arrested by the police after they had staged a protest lamenting the negative impact caused by the Standard Gauge Railway(SGR) on traders in Mombasa.

The directive was issued by Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia who had ordered all port cargo to be rerouted from the road to the SGR.

“That is a very draconian policy and it has affected businesses at all levels here in Mombasa and even in Ukambani,” Khalid stated after been released from Central Police Station in Mombasa.

Further, the businessman was also lauded for his community activities after he brought to light a situation involving a social media user who had aided her childhood friend recover from years of drug addiction and living on the streets.

Khalid's tweet
Khalid’s tweet

Alluding to the passion to help the community, the businessman has expressed interest in vying for the Mvita Parliamentary seat in the upcoming 2022 general elections.

Fauz Khalid brought to light a situation involving a social media user who had aided her childhood friend recover from years of drug addiction and living on the streets.

Fauz Khalid Bobi Wine

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