MC Kats & Caroline Marcah have been bonking over 3 months now.

When celebrated NBS TV presenter Edwin Katamba popularly known as MC Kats came out on women’s day and told the whole world how Spark TV beauty queen Caroline Marcah is his official girl friend, every body body that has an interest in the entertainment industry first froze for about 2 minutes.

MC Kats

Although Katamba’s revelation was shocking to every one who read his post on Facebook on Monday very few people knew the actual reason why he was dating the ever smiling Caroline Marcah.

MC Kats
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Of course the only justifiable reason why people date each other is nothing else but Love.

Caroline Marcah

However for the sake of Kats love isn’t among the reasons why he hooked up Caro and began dating her.

Caroline Marcah

Close sources privy to Kats’ love life intimated to this website that the hyper active events MC vibed Caro just to get back her ex-boyfriend Emma Whyte.

Emma Whyte

It is alleged that Emma Whyte  who happens to be a tight buddies with Kats passed behind his back and slept with Fille his then sweet lovely girlfriend.

Emma Whyte

As a way of looking for the most sweetest revenge the world could offer him ,the self proclaimed king of the mic decided to wow Caroline Marcah the current girl friend of Emma Whyte.


The source which preferred anonymity went on to allege that  Kats is simply using Caro to get back at Emma.

Caroline MarcahMC 

”Katamba is simply using Caro to get back at Emma. The two have been friends for years but Emma went behind his back and slept with Fille. As a way of revenging against him Kats vibed his girlfriend and now his bonking her. So it’s just a relationship driven on revenge” a source that preferred anonymity intimated to this website

Mean while when our snoops called Caroline to give a comment on the ongoing rumors she neither accepted nor rejected dating Kats