UNEB Keen On Malpractice

Uganda Advanced Certificate of Examinations-uace has kicked off on a smooth note today with clear weather.

98,394 candidates are already in the process of writing their UACE examinations from 2,339 Examination Centers across the country.

The candidates are seating for their History paper 3 and Mathematics this morning    

According to the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), 58.1% of the candidates are boys while 41.8% are girls.

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Most schools visited by our reporter this morning showed a general readiness and timely organization both on the part of the teachers and the UNEB authorities.

A number of examination storage centers visited in Kampala and by 7:40 am were already opened with school heads picking examinations ahead of the exams.

Head teachers only expressed potential delays emanating from the traffic jam. 

In February, the Uganda National Examinations Board-UNEB said that they want the forthcoming cycle of examinations to be carried out under a new law, which was passed by Parliament.

The new Uganda National Examinations Board -UNEB Bill which seeks to repeal the 1983 Act creates reforms relating to the administration and management of primary and secondary national examinations.

UNEB Keen On Malpractice

The bill suggested several stringent measures to curb malpractice in all three sets of national examinations.

The bill suggested that anyone who is caught cheating in national examinations should be jailed for 5-years or pay a fine of 40 million Shillings or both.

Uneb Secretary General Dan Odongo

It also suggested that a similar punishment be given to individuals who have been misappropriating examination registration fees for candidates.

Speaking at a presser on Sunday ,the ICT minister also sounded a warning against any form of exam malpractice saying they are liable to 5 years in Jail.

”Punishment for offenses under exam malpractices has been increased from 6 months imprisonment to 5 years,” she said.

ICT Minisiter -Judith Nabakooba

She indicated that these examinations are being conducted under the new UNEB Act that was approved last month .

Nabakooba states that it was revised and passed that for all caught in Exam malpractice will be liable to 5 years in jail or 5 million fine or both.