Sheilah Gashumba is one of the people who believed in love after pouring her heart out to boyfriend Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan expecting a wedding with him however all her anticipations turned into daily nightmares.

Sheila Gashumba

God’s Plan is a man who had left his wife and children to be with beautiful Sheila. She loved him so much, traveled different places together, and always showed the world that they were meant to be. This seemed enough for her to trust Marcus and offer him her whole heart as well as believing that they were meant to be together forever.

She made a number of social media posts praising him and his riches. It was evident that she was drowning in his love. In fact, when their relationship was at its peak, she hinted about a wedding. However, Marcus couldn’t honor her wishes as he jumped out of the relationship before she started demanding to tie the knot hence leaving her heartbroken.

God’s Plan broke up with Sheilah Gashumba
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Sheilah couldn’t let him go when she still wanted him. She, therefore, invited him to join her in Zanzibar so they can discuss getting back together. Unfortunately, Marcus was committed to ending the relationship.

While Marcus found it easy to move on, Sheilah still had things that reminded her of him for instance a tattoo of his name on her back which she would later get rid of.

Days after the breakup, she decided to replace the tattoo with another tattoo made in a shape of Angel wings. 

While she showed off a new man on her socials where she was kissing him, she still claims that she is single. 

For example, just one day after showing him off, she posted on her Twitter remarking that she never told anyone that she was dating adding that she is single.

Just recently she also made another tweet showing how she has given up on love and decided to concentrate on money.

She stated that she will never have a wedding.

“My soulmate is money unfortunately I will never get a wedding” she tweeted.