Zari’s boyfriend reveals why he hates Diamond’s fans

Zari Hassan’s life changed the minute she started dating and Diamond Platnumz. This is because her life was now exposed to ruthless Bongo fans who enjoy trolling and larking; just to keep their lives entertained!

Zari enjoying light moments boyfriend

Deapite breaking up with the Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz – the same fans refused to let go of Zari Hassan; as most continue to dig deeper into her life.

So far we understand Zari’s eldest sons still blame her for exposing their private lives to these people; and the latest victim happens to be Thee Black Stallion – who cannot stand the harassment he continues to suffer in the hands on these fans.‘I can’t deal’ Black Stallion

Dark Stallion and Zari

As seen on one of his IG stories, the handsome Nigerian man complains about the number of DM’s he receives from the Tanzanian fans; looking to find out more about him.

According to the fella, in a day he receives close to 30 messages; and I’m pretty sure most of them are usually about Diamond Platnumz and Zari getting back together in future. To caption the screenshot, Black Stallion wrote;

Zari’s man complaining about messages from fans

Not quit sure why he is complaining with such a small number in his DM; I mean, the late – Ivan Don was said to be receiving about 1000 message trolls in a day; and he never complained.

But come to think of it, Zari is still a star….he should have expected worse trolls!