Veteran singer and Yolesa Ekitone adjudicator Alex Mukulu has for the past fortnight faced the wrath of netizens for blasting and shaming ‘Bawunya dancers’.

Bawunya Dancers with Bruno K

A fortnight back , 3 teen dancers from Real Dancers Crew were at their lowest…almost reduced to tears. All the three lads wanted was to showcase their talents in a TV talent show called Yolesa Ekitone and perhaps win the competition but their apparent bad odor couldn’t let them realize the dream, according to Alex Mukulu.

A visibly disappointed Mukulu blasted them; “You cannot entertain people when you are smelling for them. You smell. Why didn’t you bathe before you came here?” His remarks and comment landed him into trouble as the public castigated him for embarrassing the Dancers on a National TV.

However much as The Bawunyi Dancers were brought to their knees by Mukulu’s ruthless remarks, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for them. They have since received endless free gifts from sympathizers.

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Veteran Playwright Alex Mukulu

They have even had offers from countless babes who would wish to treat them like like princes! Just yesterday, they were hosted by Mr. Henre of Galaxy FM Mid-morning Tukoone. While in the show, the Bawunyi Dancers finally revealed why smelled badly for Alex Mukulu.

Mr Henre hosted The Bawunya Dancers

“We walked a long distance to perform at that competition. We walked for 1hour to the auditions. How couldn’t we smell?”, they explained.

Checkout the interview;