Rumor making rounds is that Diamond Platnumz who is in South Africa may be planning to get back with ex, Zari Hassan.

This was also indirectly confirmed by Romy Jones post where he bragged about being Zari’s in law; and in the comment section he was backed up by his bro, Diamond Platnumz who commented with a bomb emoji.

Romy Jones post

However Judging from Zari’s posts we understand that the only relationship she has with baby daddy; is that of two parents co-parenting.

The lady seems to have finally moved on – and the man she chose has the likes of Juma Lokole hating; but oh well – isn’t he paid to publicly hate a person on behalf of his bosses?

Zari posts Dark Stallion

With Ramadan here and Diamond Platnumz in South Africa to ‘see the kids;’ thee dark Stallion took some time off his girlfriend’s place to give Diamond some ample time with his kids.

This however left many assuming that things between him and Zari Hassan were over; until Ms Zari on 11th May shared an adorable photo with her dark bae – to prove that her love for him remains the same.

The caption on the pic revealed that she is indeed super excited to eat cassava and beans again with BF after successful fasting.

“Ramadan almost done. And if we haven’t seen each other in a while but you always be my boo”, the caption reads.

Well, not quite sure why she chose to share the post – but one thing is for sure; she’s already aware of the rumors linking her to ex baby daddy – but problem is – she bagged a finer man at the end.

Checkout Zari’s post below.

Zari BF

Zari BF