Dr. Kizza Besigye has dismissed talk that he deserted the struggle.

Dr. Kizza Besigye opted to stay away from the 2021 Presidential elections, allowing Patrick Oboi Amuriat to carry Forum for Democratic Change FDC flag.

Robert Kyagulanyi also known as Bobi Wine of the National Unity Platform NUP emerged the the best opposition candidate according to results announced by the electoral commission chairperson Dr. Simon Byabakama.

Dr. Kizza Besigye who inspired musician turned politician Bobi Wine, largely remained silent during and after the struggle to unseat President Yoweri Museveni early this year.

The four time Presidential candidate, has warned the opposition the struggle to uproot National Resistance Movement NRM will require thinking ‘a little deeper and more seriously’.

Dr. Besigye who appeared on NBS TV show said: “My keeping quiet is not because I have deserted the struggle, it’s because we have to think a little deeper and more seriously about how to get out of this.”

He revealed: “My views about cabinet and government are well known. Mr. Museveni has not changed for 35 years, all these other people around him have changed but the executive authority. It doesn’t matter who hangs around him, they have no authority.”

Dr. Besigye proposed that the country should turn attention to the challenges it faces and respond to them.

He said: “Now that the confusion of politics is over, we need to get together to see that our money is able to do what we can’t do for ourselves.”

The opposition leader also weighed in on the second wave of Covid-19 that has hit the country hard with rising cases of infections and casualties in major hospitals.

Dr. Besigye tipped: “When you have symptoms, isolate yourself because we have nowhere to test. A test in a private facility is over UGX 200,000. The government should even stop publishing those results, these statistics confuse people.”

He added: “Of course many more people have died but they are talking about those who died after being tested by these few tests.”

Dr. Besigye went on: “What you call the concoction are natural ingredients that build the capacity of your body to fight. That concoction is something well-considered and has been researched. I am telling you what I am because I can defend it.”

On a total lockdown former FDC president warned: “A tougher lockdown would be necessary but the reason they can’t lock down is because they have no capacity to maintain people locked down.”

He urged: “As an individual, you must become vigilant. These measures of reducing measures of getting the virus are important. Avoid people unless you must.”

Dr. Besigye lambasted: “This is why I was bitter with government’s decision to send all students home. Schools are organized institutions that can be managed.”

He called on: “Health care and management of a pandemic is a matter to be managed by the government.”

Dr. Besigye attacked those asking him to keep away from politics.

He blasted: “As I was coming here, people were saying “Talk about COVID-19, not politics” That’s the utmost foolishness we talk about. There’s nothing more political than health because health is a common good.”

The opposition powerhouse taunted: “We must realize that as people, we are foolish and we must deal with our stupidity.”

He warned: “The biggest problem I see is simply having masses of people that are not thinking. That is why we have a regime like we have doing the things it’s doing for 35 years and we are simply lamenting.”

Dr. Besigye castigated government: “As people were starving and dying in their homes without health care, trillions of money were borrowed and stolen.”

He challenged: “Communication was and is still a problem. It’s a waste of time to blame the government, if you are disappointed with the NRM government then you don’t leave in this country.”

Dr. Besigye raged: “The population lost confidence in those who were acting. We had the trucks importing and distributing the virus in areas where they stopped.”

He singled out: “The NRM primaries then spread the virus to the whole country. By the time of the General Election, Uganda had lost the fight against COVID-19.”

Besigye pointed out: “Policy problems came in, trucks were allowed to move without the people in those trucks being tested. This was a grave mistake, what was done three months later to test people at the borders should have been done at the start.”

He hailed: “We have survived up to now by the Grace of God and it’s by the Grace of God that we hope to overcome this crisis we are in.”

Dr. Besigye schooled: “I said, soon or later, everyone in the country will be infected with COVID-19. This is not something that requires extraordinary knowledge because this is a flue. The question is the type of infection you get.”

He went on: “In its management, the first and most important steps we take are to reduce how it spreads so that those who get sick are not many at the same time so that our healthcare systems are not overwhelmed.”

Dr. Besigye said: “What makes this virus unique is that it’s new and creates more severe conditions in people.”

However, new government mouthpiece Chris Baryomunsi argued that government has done enough to arm the population with neccesary tools to fight Covid-19.

Baryomunsi explained: “The government has done its best in the disease fight. Measures announced by the President are correct measures. We are going to mount big responses including bringing more vaccines. Once you are available for vaccination, take the Covid-19 vaccine.”