The world might have enjoyed enough of singer Sheebah Karungi’s Secular music!

Sheebah a renown entertainer who loves to show off some flesh while doing her thing on stage will any time from now to switch to gospel music as per Man of God, Pastor Joseph Tumusiime’s latest prophecy.

Sheebah set to stop doing Secular music

Pastor Tumusiime of prophet Joseph Ministries took to his Facebook page and revealed to his followers how God showed him what the near future holds for Sheebah and advised her to recollect herself and soldier on.

“Sheebah Karungi, the Heaven is your limit,I have seen you singing a worldwide class song,many nations to celebrate you,song both political and religious that have touched on hearts of lions of both Africa and Western world. The Beyonce sang but you will sing and they will sit to watch you. Relax and correct your courage,you will make it and never let pride to destroy the future.”, his prophecy reads.

On learning about what God has in stock for her, the gorgeous and hot Team No Sleep lead singer received the miracle with her open hands.

She has since shared the screenshot of Pastor Tumusiime’s controversial prophesy on her Facebook page and captioned it; “AMEN, GOD ABOVE ALL”.

The TNS singer to switch to Gospel Music as per Pastor Joseph Tumusiime’s latest prophecy

Commenting on her post, one the fans a one Angella Patricia Nalugya confirmed that this prophecy will come to true!

“Have witnessed many of his prophecies coming to pass and I believe this too will”, her comments reads.

However other netizens believe that the Man of God might be just horny and using that to get the Boy Fire singer’s attention and eventually slide under her sumbie.

Fans have had their say too about pastor’s prophecy

“Sheebah pastor muwe tith ekyo nakyo kigwe naye a lekelawo okusudiye”, Jesse commented.

Faizo Kiyimba was also of the same view; “Pastor anonya wazinira nàye tajja zina”.

Newton Isaac Muganga also commented; “hahaha he’s giving a prophecy but I think he wants some.Comparing Sheebah to Beyonce? This pastor better stick to his preaching and stop looking for internet clout.”

Well may you live to see Sheebah transform!