Songbird Nina Roz trashes Chameleone’s superstar association.

A fortnight ago, Jose Chameleone started the superstar association commonly known as the Uganda Musicians Federation.

This was started with the aim of helping and bringing together superstar musicians but from the fans, it was viewed as a direct rival to Cindy Sanyu’s Uganda Musicians Association and an umbrella bringing together musicians to solicit funds from the Government.

Jose Chameleone managed to persuade big-name musicians like King Saha, B2C, Pallaso, John Blaq, Weasel among others.

Despite the above, some musicians are still disagreeing with Chameleone on the decision to start the association.

Nina Roz

Among these is Black Market Records songstress Nina Roz who has helplessly trashed the Federation and said it is useless and aimless.

According to Nina Roz, she is uncomfortable with musicians branding themselves superstars and thinks musicians have no right to call themselves superstars but rather the fans have the full mandate.

Nina Roz also thinks that the artists should all be under one body for one common cause instead of creating divisions.

Songbird Nina Roz swore never to join Chameleone’s Superstar Association. She made the remarks during an interview.

This comes at a time when other singers like Halima Namakula, Mesach Ssemakula, Cindy Sanyu, Ykee Benda, and Kato Lubwama trashed Jose Chameleone for trying to divide the musicians