As we report this, the most followed socialite on Instagram in East Africa, Zari Hassan is back together with boyfriend Dark Stallion! Surprised, right?

Well a fortnight back, Zari Hassan took to her Instagram account which has over 9 Million followers and confirmed that her relationship with Dark Stallion had ended in premium tears.

“I miss him, but i had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me i won’t keep it”, she emotionally revealed.

Zari confirmed her break up with Dark Stallion to her Instagram followers

Stallion also used the same platform confirmed that their love story had eventually hit a dead end. He wished her good luck and claimed that he was moving on to the next chapter of his life. He also described Zari as a strong, charming woman!

“Strong, charming and beautiful. I will miss you mama Pinto. Good luck #zarithebosslady.”, he said.

Before then, the pair had stayed together for only 6 months. Mistrust and jealousy was highlighted as one of the main causes of break up.

It was alleged that Stallion started accusing Zari of moving out with baby daddy Diamond Platnumz in disguise of co-parenting. He apparently gave the stunning mother of five two conditions; to choose him over Diamond and stop meeting the singer frequently or risk losing him (Stallion).

Boss Lady swallowed pride and apologized to boyfriend Stallion

She couldn’t allow to be ruled like a struggling and desperate slay queen and boom, she showed him the exit door after all he was staying in her crib.

But latest info coming through confirms that the two lovebirds are back together after working out their differences. Sources close to the couple intimate to us that Dark Stallion was very bitter with Zari but he managed forgive and give her second chance after apologizing.

On Sunday, through her Instagram stories, Boss Lady shared pics and a video taking a stroll in the woods with her sons alongside the boyfriend.

Zari posted pics and videos with boyfriend on Instagram

In one of the photos, the couple could be seen hugging and cuddling.