Legendary Mc Kats is no longer bothered by Fille’s love life.

Fille Mutoni and Mc Kats painted the city with love before it ended in premium tears a few years ago.

The couple shared both businesses as artiste and manager and also love as lovers. Their love blessed them with a baby girl known as Abby.

However, they bitterly broke up and are no longer seeing eye to eye. Fille cited infidelity and disrespect by Kats as a reason for their breakup.

Recently, news started circulating that Mc Kats was dating Caroline Marcah. The two often sent love messages to each other through social media.

MC Kats

When asked about the rumored relationship between Kats and Caroline Marcah, Fille opened up and said she doesn’t care about who her ex is dating as long as he takes care of his responsibilities as a father.

Fille went on to heap praise on Mc Kats before branding him a wonderful father and a bad husband.

In response, Legendary Mc Kats said he is not bothered by who Fille is in love with at the moment. All he cares about is his daughter Abbey living a good life.

Kats also said he has accepted he can’t be fall in love with Fille again thus a decision to move on.