Jakira Suudi an actor and video vixen was rumored to be bonking Diana Nabatanzi but he has come out to distance himself from allegations.

For a long time, actor and video vixen Jakira Suudi was rumored to be dating and bonking Diana Nabatanzi behind former lover Lwasa’s back despite heavy investment.

However, Jakira Suudi has now come out to distance himself from romantic links with TV presenter, Diana Nabatanzi.

The actor was rumoured to be bonking Diana Nabatanzi simply because she was associated with Lwasa. This is after rumours of dating Desire Luzinda at the time she was seeing Lwasa years ago. Suudi also appeared in Desire Luzinda’s video for the song “Ekitone”.

Jakira has trashed the allegations during an interview with one of the top YouTubers.

According to Jakira, Nabatanzi was auditioning for a role in a movie when they met, but they have not had any other relationship beyond that.

They have since worked together on a number of movies that have been a hit on numerous local TVs.

It should be noted that Diana Nabatanzi is under fire for reportedly siphoning money from Masaka Tycoon Lwasa and declining to make their relationship public or even conceive for him.