Multi-talented TV host and actress, Dianah Nabatanzi, is not happy with ex-boyfriend and bonk champ, Emmanuel Lwasa’s unbecoming behaviors.

With this, she has somewhat reignited beef with the loose-mouthed showy tycoon, cautioning him not to trash ladies after they reject him.

Dianah Nabatanzi warns Lwasa against shaming ex-girlfriends

Lwasa and Nabatanzi dated for five years and parted ways after she allegedly refused to bear a child for him. The 52-year-old embarked on a media tour, doing a series of interviews aimed at shaming the BBS TV presenter.

Actually, in one of the blockbuster interviews, he claimed that Nabatanzi is a thief who uses her body to detooth men. By then, Lwasa was riding high with new flame, Angel Kwakunda, before they broke up over straying.

In recent months, Bonk Champ laid traps and hooked another city bird, Vanessa Namulema, who again chewed his money and vanished in thin air.

Last week, Lwasa came to know about Vanessa’s dirty play when he was humiliated in front of his relatives who had come to escort him for an introduction ceremony which was never organised in the first place. It then dawned that Vanessa ‘showed him Kampala’, leaving him heartbroken.

Lwasa is good attacking his ex’s after falling out

The irate and disappointed Lwasa started attacking and humiliating Vanessa and her family, showering them with all sorts of insults. This did not go augur well with Nabatanzi, who cryptically advised Lwasa to accept defeat and move on. She advised him to accept defeat in case a person rejects him.

” When someone rejects you, learn to deal with it. Don’t make it a big issue. I am so beautiful, blessed and I know it. Deal with it,” she wrote.

Dianah Nabatanzi is romoured to be dating a loaded city Muzzinyi lately. A few weeks ago, she was smoked out with her alleged new catch making merry at Cubana night spot.

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