An obsessive stalker who has been lurking in TV personality Diana Nabatanzi’s private space has been arrested. 

The stalker, identified as David Tebandeke was arrested on Wednesday at the Masengere building.

This website understands Diana Nabatanzi has been the target of Tebandeke’s numerous stalking attempts.

Tebandeke was apprehended at Masengere by security and had his national ID and phone taken away before being interrogated about his motivations for pursuing Nabatanzi, who had raised a complaint.

The stalker, a metal fabricator and resident of Masanafu later confessed he was besotted but bore no ill-intentions towards the TV star and talent search judge.

Tebandeke confessed he has stalked Diana Nabatanzi for the past two months and wants the chance to whisper his sentiments of attachment to her.

When Tebankede’s phone was checked by security. It was filled with illuminated photos of Nabatanzi in his gallery, confirming his obsession with the show host.   He begged for forgiveness and was forced to delete her images in his phone.

Tebandeke was later released after a stern warning.   The development comes shortly after Nabatanzi threatened to drag social media bullies to the courts of law.