TV personality, Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats is bedridden!

The NBS TV After 5 presenter is battling strange illness and cannot appear on TV.

MC Kats is bedridden!

This was confirmed by fellow host Douglas Lwanga during Monday’s show, stressing that Kats is currently not in good shape and unable to be on set. 

However, Douglas Lwanga couldn’t give more details of what celebrated King Of the Mic is suffering from. He only called upon fans to put him in their prayers.

“We are the fantastic four but missing one. Our brother Kats is not well. But he will join us again when he gets well,” – Lwanga revealed.


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In 2019 Kats finally opened up that he was infected with HIV. Speaking during an interview on NBS TV uncut show the certified city events MC said that ‘he has been living with the virus for eight years but all his kids and baby mama are HIV negative’.

“All my six children and my baby mamas are safe and negative, if you think that I am lying and defending them, come and see the results at the museum on Sunday where I will be emceeing a show.” He said.

Fille branded him selfish!

Kats further revealed that all this time he has been using herbal medicine to treat the disease but he has realized that they don’t work.

“If you know that you are sick, please go to the hospital and get treatment, herbal medicine alone doesn’t work. People living with HIV should stay strong and take their medication”, he said.

Immediately after his revelation, one of his baby mamas and singer, Fille Mutoni vowed never to forgive him for opening up to the public without her knowledge.

Douglas confirmed his partner is not well

Fille branded him selfish!

“It was very courageous and bold of him to come out, express himself and seek help. He didn’t let me know, it hit me just like everybody else. I was like, “even after all these years of me being selfless you’re still selfish?”

Fille and MC Kats had stayed together for over 7 years before break up. They have one kid.