Rumor on the streets suggest that Good Lyf remaining half, Douglas Lwanga aka Weasel Manizo is currently hiding in the bushes of his home village, Kalangalo in Mityana district as police hunt for him to face the law.

Last week Weasel allegedly clobbered his houseboy Baker Kaweesi like a chicken thief and broke his leg plus other injuries.

Baker’s family reported the case to police and according to Kampala Metropolitan deputy Police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, the victim was accused of disrespecting Weasle’s girlfriend.

“Kaweesi reported to police that at Kizungu Zone, Makindye Division in Kampala district, Douglas Mayanja, alias Weasel, Giz , Pompo and others beat him up and broke one of his legs on allegations that he has been disrespecting Weasel’s girlfriend,” Owoyesigyire said.

Luke Owoyesigyire noted that Afande Ochola’s men have since launched a thorough manhunt, combing all Makindye corridors and lodges for the past 5 days but all their efforts to arrest the singer have flopped.

“We have on several occasions gone to his(Weasel) home to arrest the suspect but is nowhere to be seen whereas his known telephone contacts are not available.”

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He is now accusing the Mayanja family of not supporting/ assisting the cops in hunting mission of their own blood.

“There is an allegation that the family could be hiding this suspect. We inform the family that this case will not be concluded by the suspect running away but he should be presented to police to record his statement and file sent to the DPP.”

The police mouthpiece notes that sources have tipped him that the two parties settled the matter amicably but he insists that Weasel has to be squeezed by law.

“It will not be enough to call off the allegations put up by the victim against Douglas Mayanja. It can only be put off by the DPP and courts of law,” he fussed.

Listen to the audio below as Luke Owoyesigyire explains;

Sources close to Weasel say he could be facing depression following the death of his singing brother, Mowzey Radio in 2018. Apparently he has resorted to using drugs to shake off stress.