Anonymous letter

Police has nabbed three suspects dropping anonymous letter threatening the life of Katabi Town Council Mayor Kalema Ronald.

Police mouthpiece Fred Enanga has stated that the trio were arrested by the joint security agencies in Entebbe. The joint security agencies include; SFC, CMI, CI Police and the community

Enanga stated: “A total of 3 suspects have so far been arrested by the joint security agencies in Entebbe, for dropping anonymous letters threatening the Mayor, Katabi Town Council, Kalema Ronald and several others, in Katabi.”

He revealed: “The letters were also circulated on Whatsapp, as well as other social media platforms, causing fear and anxiety among the residents.”

Enanga named them as: “The suspects include; Lubega William, a 27 year old mechanic, of Bunono village, Katabi Town Council, Kirigwajjo Hasadu, a former private bodyguard to the Mayor Kalema Ronald, during the recent elections; and Baluku Ronald who was re-arrested on the 7.09.2021.”

The police mouthpiece explained: “The suspects have been using the anonymous letters as a cover-up to their criminal acts of stealing car number plates and house burglaries. The gang leader who is on the run has been identified as “Taata Mzee”, while Lubega William, the mechanic was the major supplier of house breaking tools and implements. It is on the 28.08.2021, at around 3am, that  the suspects broke into the home of Mulindwa Andrew, at Nalugala village and stole the number plates from a Mercedes Benz reg. No UAM 285Z. They further shattered the windscreen of another motor vehicle reg. No. UBB 850Y and vandalised it.”

Enanga said: “With the help of Kingwajjo Hasadu, a former private bodyguard to the Mayor, Katabi Town Council, they dropped letters threatening his life and also demanded 2M shillings. Other persons threatened in the letters include; John Mary, Ssebowa and journalists from Entebbe. Upon their arrest, a search was conducted at their known premises, and an assortment of house breaking implements were recovered and other threatening documents. They further led to the recovery of the stolen number plate UAM 285Z from a banana plantation at Nalugala village.”

He added: “The team of investigators is recording as many statements from residents, who saw or learnt about the anonymous letters and the contents of panga attacks and killings. Thankfully, no one has been harmed, but it does not change the fact that the suspects used the anonymous letters, authored by them to threaten and frighten people who did not share their views.”

Enanga warned: “Whether real or a hoax, we wish to warn other intending perpetrators, that there are plenty of appropriate lawful ways to express their opinion or displeasure, but inducing panic and sending threats to kill, is unacceptable.”