Chameleone explained that he chose to return ‘home’ simply because NUP, refused to welcome him with open hands.

Singer Jose Chameleone has opened the lid on why he made a U-turn to NRM after receiving brand new wheels from Yellow Money Bag, Mr. Toyota.

In an exclusive interview with Galaxy FM PokoPoko star, Florah, Chamili explained that he chose to return ‘home’ simply because National Unity Platform- NUP, now the leading opposition party in the country refused to welcome him with open hands.

The star singer fussed that even when Hon. Latif Ssengendo pulled out of the Lord Mayorship race in 2021 and dumped the NUP flag bearer-ship, still the party headed by Bobi Wine snubbed him in favor of Nabiirah Ssempala.

Chamili, real names Joseph Mayanja who would later on come fourth in the January polls as an Independent further fussed in that he was unwanted and unfairly treated by the people he trusted and now he decides to walk away smiling back at NRM.

“When I joined NUP I was humiliated by the people I trusted. I went through a lot to an extent that I couldn’t even have access to the principal. For instance when Hon. Latif dumped the NUP flagship for Lord Mayor, still I was unfairly rejected and denied the card. So do you want me to dine with people who don’t want me?” he said, before bragging about how blessed he is.

“The car is a blessing, I embrace it and appreciate it. For me what matters is the bond we have with the person who has given me the car it has nothing to do with politics,” he added.

On Sunday September 19, an emotional Chameleone slid on his knees and almost rolled on the floor as he thanked Toyota, who is Sevo’s kid bro for giving him a Range Rover Autobiography, Model 2020.

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Seemingly overwhelmed by excitement after receiving the black 7-seater monster machine (UBJ 415D), the music star denounced National Unity Party, a political grouping led by Bobi Wine.

“Mr. Toyota, I’m still your friend, I’m still your family. I’m still NRM, I’m not NUP. If you doubt that, put up your cameras and record that on me. I’m still N.R.M,” he says explaining that he was a Prodigal Son returning where he belongs.