MC Kats has come guns blazing to attack Geosteady’s ex-lover Prima Kardashi for holding meetings behind his back to jeopardize his business dealings.

Kats bitter with Prima Kardashi

The NBS TV After5 co-host launched a verbal attack at Mama Lusaniya, Prima following a meeting she allegedly held in Munyonyo with Maritini Entertainment boss and her clique to supposedly have Fille Mutoni kicked out of the record label.

When Prima’s plan went through and saw Fille Mutoni knifed from Maritini management, without skirting around, the visibly disgruntled Kats publicly revealed how bad he felt when he learned that Prima was the chief engineer of the whole saga.

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Fille Mutoni was knifed from Maritini management

While appearing on the NBS UnCut show, MC Kats reminded Prima Kardashi about how he used to send her money for bleaching creams for three solid years.

He further questioned why she would waste time discussing him with her friends in Munyonyo yet he had a hand in her beauty cosmetics business.

“Prima I have known you for a long time and you also attended my daughter’s birthday when she turned two years old. You know your phone received money for Vaseline from me for over three years. So you sit down and start discussing me?” furious Kats blasted before storming out of the interview.

Meanwhile, Kats says he is soon launching a new campaign for HIV testing with an aim of fighting the spread of the virus in Uganda.

MC Kats mud-slings Prima Kardashi as beef between the pair intensifies

The self-proclaimed King of the Mic, who publicly declared his HIV positive status in 2019, says this new campaign will be carried out countrywide.

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