Opposition honcho Bobi Wine was no show at elder bro, Eddy Yawe’s housewarming party.

On Sunday, veteran musician, Eddy Yawe welcomed guests to a housewarming party as he officially entered his mouth watering mansion in Kireka. Kira division.

Bobi snubbed Yawe’s housewarming party

The housewarming party was attended by a few invited guests including close family, friends, and a few fans. But surprising though is that Chairman Nyanzi, Bobi Wine, Mikie Wine and Banjo Man were nowhere close to the party.

It is only Irene Kiyemba who honored their bro’s invite.

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Bobi instead attended his singing partner, Nubian LI’s Kukyala ceremony. The former presidential aspirant together with his stunning wife Barbie Itungo were among the special guests who graced the colorful ceremony as Nubian Li and bae Mutoni secured their bonking future.

Only Irene Kiyemba who honored their bro’s invite.

Rumor has it that Bobi and Yawe are not friends even though they are blood brothers. Actually sources intimate to us that this is one the very many reasons as to why the 39-year-old NUP strongman sidelined Yawe when he needed him most. Yawe was denied a chance to run for MP under NUP as their flag bearer in the January polls.

About the crib…

For months now, singer, songwriter, producer, businessman, and politician Eddy Yawe’s mansion has been dominating headlines as critics guess it’s worth.

Eddy Yawe unveiled his mansion on Sunday

According to different reports, the mansion sits on 5 acres of land and is valued at about Shs2Bn. Yawe says inside the gigantic structure, there’s a Movie theater, the state of the art music studio among others. It also boasts a Helipad.