Allan Toniks soon joining a list of Ugandan musicians with mansions…

Allan Toniks

Ugandan Music might be not be receiving massive airplay on international Television channels and Radio station but our artists are not grassing.

Those who have been in the game for the past decade have managed to earn a fortune from their God given talent.

Some like Chamili, Bobi Wine, Mesach, Bebe Cool, Sheebah and many others have invested wisely from dime they mint from music sales and shows.

Others who have no substantial investments at least have constructed themselves mansions and bungalows. The likes of Spice Diana, Mickie Wine, Helen Lukoma , Gravity Omutujju, King Saha, Radio and Weasal, are at least sleeping like stars.

Latest artist who is set to join that list is none other than R nB star, Allan Toniks.

Allan Toniks is erecting a multi-million mansion in Najjeera off his sweat. A few days back, the Sunday hit singer was spotted inspecting his soon to be completed house.

Pics of him doing the inspection work are already making round on social media platforms. According multiple sources close to him, he has so for spent over UGX 150m on this project.

Allan Toniks soon joining a list of Ugandan musicians which mansions

Musically speaking, Toniks is fairly doing well. He has released sensational jams on a bounce for that past three years. Songs like, Sunday, Sikuleka, Romance and My Miss have made him a darling to women who are ofcourse the majority.

However, he has never staged music concert.

Toniks on his construction site

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