Allan Toniks finally releases ‘Awo’ visuals

Y’all remember when you were still kids, ages back, you must have played around with your nostrils, squeezing them together to block off access to air and then speaking and subsequently producing sound with a weird intonation, which at that time you probably thought was a very cool thing to do; you remember?

Well, it seems like the multiple Zzina Award winner and RnB star, Allan Toniks, was a huge fan of that game or the act probably inspired him to spice up his voice technique. Many times, Toniks sounds exactly like that, like he is singing with his nostrils tightly clasped between his index finger and thumb. He nails it and sounds different in this crowded Ugandan entertainment industry! He croons so sweetly and gives babes goosebumps.

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However, forget my opinion about his voice, in all honesty, his latest release, ‘Awo’, a lead track off his album, is a masterpiece. It is Zoukish – and Zouk has become nearly the easiest genre to do a good song in Uganda of late – with some very groovy synchronisation of its beats and syllables.

In Awo, Toniks weaves his voice along, attempting a lower tone on his verses and then suddenly going a pitch higher when the chorus kicks in. And the chorus is mellow, even tasty, and after you listen to it, you are likely to catch yourself without will or conscious control, murmuring along to its tune. It is a lovely song. Speaking of the visuals, the vixens give more life to the song with beautiful choreography. The other commendable bits are the lighting and colouring, thanks to Swangz filmz.

Checkout the visuals below of Awo by Toniks and Zzina!

Awo by Allan Toniks