Allan Toniks has today officially unveiled “Akahama”, a single from his highly anticipated upcoming EP out later this year under the Vibrations label in collaboration with Evoke Uganda.

The release of “Akahama” follows the unstoppable success of his most recent single “My Miss”, Off the back of performances on Tusker Malt Conver-Sessions, as well as a live virtual performance for the launch of “Ades” a beverage product by the Coca Cola brand.

An extensive run of live dates now follows throughout the year, including a live performance on Sunday 13th February 2022 at the Garage bar Ntinda and Shooters Lounge in Mbarara on Monday 14th February 2022.

Captivating and infused with emotion, “Akahama” is an anthem for infatuation & a first love kind of love. “Written & co-produced by myself; the song has some not-so-subtle naughtiness about it; both lyrically & in the video. The song is groovy and for those who understand the language the lyrics take you places.” Toniks said.

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The single arrives alongside a scintillating video directed by La Ray under Shutter films, who has previously worked with plenty of underground talent on the Ugandan music scene. The video further showcases young love that tends to be based on nothing but feelings and passion.

After over 14years on the Ugandan music scene with various local and international nominations and awards, Tonix has written with startling honesty on young love and identity.

His first record, “Beera Nange”, was a soundtrack – for his impassioned young fanbase, but also for himself – on how to navigate the complexities of relationships. The two-year COVID-19 restrictions have led Allan Toniks to an extraordinary journey to where he finds himself encapsulated on putting together an embodiment of his best work yet with futuristic collaborations in his foresight.

Although most of his songs are love songs, his upcoming EP will feature work inspired by life experiences away from romance. Stripping away music’s pretense while keeping true to its excitement is Allan’s special gift. The “Akahama” single is a sneak preview of the quality and unique sound that is to be expected on not only his upcoming album but also all impending collaborations.

“I want to send a positive message to everyone that’s going to listen to this song. As I wrote it, I tapped into every raw emotion within me and that’s what I want people to take away.” He noted.

Now assured to join the pantheon of international R’n’B greats, his tireless energy, positivity and drive were never going to allow Allan to settle for anything other than greater heights of success.

Watch the song below: