Sheeba falls out with Eddy Yawe over song and beans

Bobi Wine’s elder brother, Eddy Yawe, is yet again under the spotlight for similar reasons.

He is being accused by an upcoming female artist, Sumayya Sheeba, of playing ping-pong and giving out her song to another artist after snubbing his attempt to harvest her beans!

Bobi Wine’s elder bro, Eddy Yawe, under the spotlight over beans

Sheeba has labelled Eddy Yawe one of the worst creatures under the sun she has met and worked with. She claims that she worked with the veteran multi-talented artist, producer and songwriter on a project/song titled ‘Akalosa’ but to her surprise, she later found out that the same song had been given to another artist but with a slightly changed title, ‘Kalosa’.

Taking to her social media pages, Sheeba somewhat disclosed that the reason behind all this could be the fact that she refused to give him ‘some’.

“Some people we meet out of respect can turn out to be the worst creatures on earth. Mr. Eddie Yawe I effortlessly worked with you to release a song titled akalosa which you’ve later sang with another person and turned the title to kalosa. What could be the problem is it because I refused to fulfill your sexual desires? Let’s be guided not everyone lays with a person to be who they are. Am kindly not impressed by your action Ssebo. I deserved to be consulted first out of respect,” the frustrated Sheeba revealed.

The 49-year-old is yet to respond to the allegations.

This is the second time this year that Eddy Yawe is being levelled with similar accusations. In April, songstress Martha Mukisa, through her management, Black Magic Entertainment, also pinned Yawe on striking her YouTube channel with claims that he fully owns the Neteze song, which the latter had uploaded on her YouTube channel.

After the ruthless strike, he uploaded the video of the song, which was partly shot at his swanky home, on his official YouTube channel, leaving Martha Mukisa, together with her management team, lamenting and cursing.

In an interview with the mighty Zzina website, one of Martha’s managers, Norman Brian, stressed that Yawe started playing ping-pong games when the audio of Neteze was out, and wanted the sassy and bummy on-form songstress to dance to his tunes.

Yawe and Martha Mukisa performing on stage

According to Norman, Yawe scheduled countless ‘late-night’ meetings at his home with the artist, which miserably flopped, since the team had already ‘smelt the rat’.

However, Eddy Yawe came out and trashed the allegations, explaining that ‘he fully owns the song since he solely penned down the lyrics and produced the song.’

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