DEAR ZZINA POWER; my hubby no longer wants eat my beans.

I’ve got a high appetite and am so frustrated I’m considering serving it to another person.

He thinks that I’m overs#xed and should be understanding because he’s stressed and tired.

It’s been six months since we’ve been intimate, with no sign of the drought ending.

I’m 28 and my hubby is 32. We have two kids.

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We’re now at the point of talking about divorce but I don’t want to hurt our kids.

I feel so rejected and unhappy, and although I love him I refuse to settle for a bonkless marriage.

ZZINA POWER SAYSSomething has shifted for your hubby, and you both need to talk about what is going on for him.

Stress can affect appetite but burying his head in the sand won’t help and it’s unfair on you.

But serving your bean will only destroy your relationship.

Please talk to him again and say you both need to get help together, not just for your sake but for your children too.

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