Goodlyf ragamuffin Douglas Sseguya a.k.a Weasel Manizo has joked that he will sell off the Toyota Landcruiser V8 his elder bro, Jose Chameleone, gifted him in order to afford its fuel.

Weasel was responding during an exclusive interview with Muzzinyi Flora of Poko Poko, to claims that he is too broke to manage servicing the Japanese monster ride.

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“…if at all I am broke as people say, I will sell the car off and buy the fuel,” he jokingly said before bragging that the car attracts city babes like Masaka grasshoppers.

“It seems the Car Chameleone gifted me has a magnet/magic inside which pulls hot ladies in, they love sitting in it when I pack it next to them.”

Listen to the interview in the audio below;

About a fortnight ago, Chameleone gifted his Toyota Landcruiser V8 model 2016 to his kid bro Weasel manizo.

Chameleone’s gift to Weasel came after he was also gifted a brand new Range Rover UBJ 415D by President Museveni’s little brother Michael Nuwagira, popularly known as Toyota.

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