Big Size Bebe Cool is daring on-and-off pal, Dr. Jose Chameleone to a musical battle for the world to decide who is the real music champ in the land.

Bebe Cool dares Chameleone for a musical battle

Speaking during an interview with NBS After 5 crew on Monday, the outspoken and controversial veteran singer thumped his chest like King Kong as he dared Chameleone to jump into the music ring with him and taste fire!

On a lighter note, however, the 44-year-old said that he feels he and Chameleone would have the biggest music battle concert in the region because their music catalogues and fanbase speak volumes. He also revealed that Chameleone suggested to him that rather than battle, the two should instead allow people to celebrate their music.

The Gyenvudde singer also bragged about outsmarting nemesis, Bobi Wine and the Good Lyf boys in the previous contests.

Bebe Cool with the NBS After5 crew after interview

“Of all the people I have battled, it’s Mayanja that I’m waiting for. I feel we shall be cheating Uganda and Africa if we don’t hold this concert. We both have music, a huge fan base and it would be a fantastic show. With the previous two battles I did, I outsmarted my competitors because I did research about their music prior to the shows unlike them,” he explained.

He was questioned whether there is a possibility that Bobi Wine could join this battle too. Bebe Cool responded that it’s absolutely okay if he still identifies as a musician. He however said that they would beat him hands down because he has fewer hit songs.

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Bebe also took time off and talked about the gossip shows which were pushed by the UCC to air at 10pm.

Bebe Cool is a true legend confirms Dr. Jose Chameleone

He said that although these have contributed to the industry, they have greatly damaged the sector too. He further said that the times have changed from when the music industry used to rely on controversies.

“I think the controversial shows are destroying the entertainment industry because the times have changed. The controversy could have worked in our times, but today it doesn’t because people can easily get the information,” he fussed.

He concluded by pleading with the President to open up the entertainment sector. Bebe said that most of the beneficiaries of this sector are depressed due to poverty and it’s in the upcoming festive season that they can make money.