Bebe Cool is full of praises for fellow ‘bus corridor’ bro, and music legend, Jose Chameleone.

Besides being music rivals, Bebe Cool has huge respect and admiration for Chameleone and his craft, despite the fact that their friendship is on and off.

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Actually, Chamili had opted to retire from music but Bebe advised him to hang in there! Since then, the pair have been rolling together and supporting each other’s projects.

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According to the Gagamel chief, Chameleone has done everything for not only the entertainment industry but also Uganda. He says that the 42-year-old legend ticks all the boxes, despite his flaws.

Speaking during an interview with Sanyuka TV, this week on Monday, Bebe further said that he, Chamili and Afrigo Band, are National Treasures with nothing else to prove.

“People should love and appreciate Chameleone because he has done it all for Uganda. Despite his shortcomings, people should learn to appreciate their legends while still alive. For my case he’s a brother to me and I will always protect and love him till either one of us dies. I’m sure there will never be another Chameleone. So learn to appreciate Bebe Cool, Chameleone , Afrigo Band when they are still alive,” Bebe said.

Bebe 46, also talked about Gravity Omutujju’s new soon-to-be released song titled, Big Boys.

In this song, Gravity Omutujju names a number of established male artistes, Big Size Bebe Cool inclusive.

Bebe said that it’s good the younger generation is appreciating the older generation because they paved the way for them.

The singer also pointed out that he won’t be collaborating with his son, Allan Hendrick, any time soon because he doesn’t want to spoon-feed him.