Bebe Cool humiliated as he tries to impress Muhoozi

Music icon Big Size Bebe Cool is perhaps still regretting after being humiliated by a brave MC, who wanted him off the stage, as he attempted to impress Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and the yellow bus passengers at the CECAFA opening sporting tournament.

Bebe Cool encountered a barrage of embarrassment from the no-nonsense MC, in front of hundreds of attendees, who came through to witness the CECAFA opening ceremony and also to rub shoulders with the First Son, who doubles as the UPDF Commander of Land Forces, at Kakindu Stadium in Jinja city.

Donning all black, Bebe, whose music career is decorated with controversies, stepped onto the stage, visibly fired up, with one mission; to entertain the crowd beyond words can explain and leave an indelible mark.

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But in the middle of his thrilling performance, he perhaps gassed out and tactically used it as an interlude to spread the ‘yellow gospel’, and of course impress Muhoozi. However, the main MC of the event, wasn’t just going to allow Bba wa Zuena to run the show, as he reminded him to do what he was paid for, sing!

“…Webale nyo webalire ddala, your message has reached. Tumwongere obuggalo omunene,” the MC chipped in as Bebe was still talking and sarcastically asked the crowd to give the singer a round of applause, so that he could trace the exit. Guess what? The 44-year-old singer instead dug his heels in the ground, and reminded the MC who he is.

“Omuko, when Big Size is talking, he is never distorted,” he roared and tried to intimidate the MC, who in return told him off. “…Will you talk till tomorrow morning? Omukko omunene olimba, message yo ettusse,” the MC fired back amidst cheers from the crowd.

Sensing that he might win the war and eventually lose the battle, Bebe backed off and resumed his performance.

Watch the video below;