When Muzzinyi, Detacha Sakalaman bragged about ever producing a hit song which bossed airwaves World over, he meant it!

Detacha impresses in Wadancyanah jam

About two months ago, the sensational ragamuffin, who double’s as a media personality, Plying his trade on Galaxy FM, took social media by storm when he bragged about owning a massive banger which spread like wildfires in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Portugal, St. Ann Ochi, Portland, Negril and other parts of the world.

“Nakuba hit gyebayitta Wadancyanah…ekigambo kilinga kya Lusoga naye atte sikya Lusoga. It is rather a Jamaican word. Eyo hit yakubba kuba nagikubira mu Kabuga bakayitta St. Ann Ochi mu Jamaica…” Detacha bragged in a clip which went viral on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

Detacha Sakalaman

Since music lovers in Uganda have since been wondering how a song could become a hit in other parts of the world yet it is barely unknown back here.

Well, a few weeks ago, the dreadlocked Morning Saga star used all his life savings and shot Wadancyanah video in the Ghettos of Salaama Road.

Upon release, Badman Detacha explained that ‘Wadancyanah’ is just another African and Jamaican phrase for alcoholism.

The sensational ragamuffin says he aims to send Bebe and Chamili into retirement with Wadancyanah jam

“Wadancyanah is both an African and Jamaican phrase for Alcoholism. In the song we caution against this act”, he fussed.

Now that the video of the song is officially out, Detacha hopes it becomes another ‘Pulobulemu’ Uganda. He says he wants to retire the likes of Chamili, Bebe and Ziza Bafana.

Enjoy the song below;

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