Diamond Platnumz is not backing down after Bebe Cool bragged about owning two swanky houses better than his!

Diamond makes statement by showing off swanky home and flashy cars

The 32-year-old singing sensation has upped the ante by showing off his crib in Mombasa and parking lot full of expensive sleek rides to make a statement, two days after Bebe Cool’s controversial claims during a Televised interview.

In a 42-sec video making rounds on social media platforms, Diamond films the multi-billion crib, said to be seated on about one acre of land.

The flashy crib boasts a big swimming pool where the star singer cools off after a long day.

He goes ahead to show off his monster machines; two Cardillac Escalades, Rolls Royce, BMW and white Toyota V8- all parked at his home.

Diamond shows off his car and house to make statement

This week on Tuesday, Bebe Cool shut down those who compared him to Diamond Platnumz, reasoning that his two swanky houses were far better than any belonging to the TZ star. He added that he could be richer than the Bongo flava Tanzania star.

Bebe said that the Boy from Tandale just buys YouTube views for his songs to hoodwink the public. Seemingly very irritated with the comparison, the Gagamel chief also revealed how Diamond hired four cars and lied to the public that he had bought them for his mum and baby mama, Tanasha Donna.

“…when you have a look at Diamond’s ka house there is no way you can compare it with my two mansions. Last year when NTV asked us to record videos in our houses you all saw how terrible the interior of his house was…” Bebe dropped a bombshell.

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Bebe Cool bragged about owning two mansions better than Diamond’s

“…it is a wrong perception to hype someone over YouTube views because you all know the truth that those views are just bought. Diamond has never performed on concerts, not even quarter than the biggest concerts I have ever performed but you will find that you will lavish praises on him for how big he is. Just to remind you, Tanzania has had bigger artists before who traded their music without social media. The likes of Professor Jay and Mr. Nice had it all,” he burst Diamond’s bubble. 

Bebe Cool is not the first Ugandan artist to trash Diamond comparison. Recently Jose Chameleone also did the same.

Chameleone watered down the debate by bragging about owning two houses worth USD 450000$ in the US.

“…I saw someone comparing me to Diamond just because he had bought a brand new Rolls Royce but I want you to know that I also bought two houses in the USA! Each of us has priorities in life and it is not bad. You can go and google about how expensive it is to purchase a house in the US…Prices range from 300,000 and beyond. If I wanted to buy a Rolls Royce instead of a house I would afford it”, he explained.

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