Brian Mulondo’s wife reveals how it took her man 7 years to scoop her honey

Media personality and comedian Brian Mulondo’s wife, Manuela Pacutho, has revealed she kept him running after her for seven years. And her reason? Well, she just did not want to make it easy for him and the merit now is he cannot doubt her.

Manuela Pacutho says her man Mulondo is too patient

In her latest interview, Manuela Pacutho explained that playing hard to get and smash helped her to gain more trust and respect from her Mr. Right, Brian Mulondo.

“That should be the right process. Why should it be easy? Today, Brian says he doubts any man can get me not after all that he went through,” Pacutho revealed.

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But that said, she also noted that the one thing that got her attracted to Mulondo was the fact that he was a street chapati vendor and she was a street juice vendor when they met.

“You know those small boys asking you to buy chapati? Brian was those boys supporting his single mother. When he does not share that story, I remind him that the world needs to know. The inside joke remains that the chapatti street vendor met with the juice vendor myself and we came together,” she explained.

Brian Mulondo’s wife reveals he ‘chased’ her for seven years to have a piece of her sweet kookie

Manuela made the revelations when the two were hosted on Robert Kabushenga’s weekly Space on Twitter.

Contrary, Mulondo says he and bae met in an internet café.

“I was hanging out with my friends and when I saw her I wanted to know who she was. Unfortunately, my friend was interested in her and he cautioned me not to say anything to her.”

Manuela and Mulondo got married in 2012 after 14 years of friendship at Watoto Church and have been blessed with two children.

Next year the couple will be celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary.