DEAR ZZINA POWER: I HAVE been meeting Mum’s neighbour in her garage for secret bedminton sessions.

Mum has a heart condition so I visit at least twice a week to help out.

Over the holiday, new neighbours moved in and the father has a proper twinkle in his eye.

One Sunday, I was hanging some washing out, when the line snapped. I was cursing and heard a man laughing from the next garden.

This neighbour popped his head over the fence, saying: “You’re worse than a docker!” Next thing, he had hopped over, picked up the laundry and fixed the line.

He is 35 and I’m a woman of 28.

I wanted to thank him so went inside and got him a beer.

He is married with two sons but the boys were staying with their gran and his wife was at work.

My mother is bed-bound so it’s stressful but he sat and listened to me.

After he’d had two more beers, and I had downed the best part of a bottle of wine, the chat turned to flirting.

I told him I was single and he looked genuinely shocked by this, asking: “Why haven’t you been snapped up?”

Then he leaned ­forward and kissed me.

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I hadn’t had any interest for months and it felt great to have somebody who wanted me.

I’m not sure what came over me but we went into Mum’s garage and played bedminton on the bonnet of her car.

Since then, we message a lot and he calls around when I visit. We enjoy the game every time — in Mum’s car or on Dad’s workbench.

He told me he was falling for me.

I tried to break it off once but that lasted all of 24 hours.

ZZINA POWER SAYS: This relationship is going nowhere.

As you say, he’s married with kids so sadly for you, this relationship is quick romp for him and then he trots back home without causing suspicion.

You don’t want to be known as a marriage wrecker, nor do you want to make things awkward for your mother – she may need her neighbours some time so best to keep things amicable.

Don’t settle for no-strings, dead-end bedminton with a married man.

Bedminton is all this is and you deserve to be in a proper relationship with somebody who puts you at the top of their list of priorities.