Realize that if you “hate” your ex, it could indicate to your partner that you have strong feelings for your ex; even if they are negative

Well, in this article we dissect top secrets that women never reveal to their partner in passion no matter what!

1.Her p*rn watching habits

Most women watch porn and they hide it. ‘I don’t watch p*rn’ is one of the most common responses. And even if your girl does admit that she watches porn, she will never reveal what kind and how much porn she watches unless you two get married and she trusts you enough with such a big secret.

2.Her true feelings about past boyfriends

Sure, tell him standard details like how many boyfriends you’ve had, their names, how long you dated, etc. But avoid going into the lovely details — don’t say things like, “Our relationship together was so exhilarating and amazing” or “He was an amazing kisser.”

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3.She hates her ex

Realise that if you “hate” your ex, it could indicate to your partner that you have strong feelings for your ex; even if they are negative. No matter how dreadful your ex was, the healthy thing is to move on and not hold a grudge against him.

4.Your friend is kinda hot!”

It’s great to appreciate beauty, but refrain when it’s your beau’s close friend, it’ll give rise to unnecessary drama. Imagine how you’d feel if he told you that he finds one of your friends hot; terrible, right?

5.How many s#xual partners she had.

Trust us, he does not need to know this information. Here’s why: if you’ve only had a few s#xual partners, he might wonder if you’ll be tempted to stray later on in the relationship. If the number is too high and who knows what that arbitrary number might be (no, don’t ask him!), he might think you’re loose (to use a kind word). So just don’t tell him. If he asks, just smile mysteriously and answer something like Enough to know how fantastic you are.

6.Never admit that you hate his mother…even if he bad-mouths her first (the Silence Is Golden rule)

It can be tempting to add your two cents as your husband is telling you yet another story about his controlling, manipulative, buttinsky mother. Tempting to say, “You think that’s bad? The other day she told me all of our son’s good qualities come from her! She’s just a delusional, dried-up old cow who wishes she could be married to you and who resents the hell out of me just because you love me!”